Drawing Sesh is one year old

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It’s been a year and a few months since I started the weekly drawing sessions. I wrote about it last year and thought it’s time to write about it again.
Warning: although I’ll try to keep it relevant and organised to a degree, this post is going to follow our experiences in a chronological order as I look through screenshots and saved image files. So it’s going to be a little bit messy. Bear with me.

Apparently this is how we started 2021. Instead of playing games or doing themed drawings, we just simply started doodling.

We were obviously obsessed with Bernie Sanders’s mittens, though. And we had it later in our GGJ game.
Another sesh where we just doodled and coloured other people’s drawings.
This is also from another day. We must’ve been really into doodling.

We found & tried out new games too. We added gartic.io to the list of games we’d play sometimes.

gartic with a theme. (I think this was from Movies)
I think this was from Logo

Then I came up with an idea to gamify forensic sketch and we started trying that out. We now call this game Tell-a-Vision. I wrote the rules on my itch game page but to put it simply, it’s a multiplayer drawing game where one person plays the role of the witness and the others–forensic artists draw things based on the descriptions by the witness.
Here you can see some of the results.

this time, we drew Ivan’s soup and the dream I had in 2017.

We also tried out different ways to draw/different games, etc.

collaborative portraits
quickposes with tiny frames.
I don’t remember how we did this but it was called white out or black out and I think it was about blind painting (drawing underneath a filled layer)
collaborative Tell-a-Vision with a blurred reference image.
Ethan made a few games and this is from when we tried one of his games.
These are results from another game by Ethan.
Outside the drawing sesh, when we were watching F1 Belgian GP which was a rainy mess, we decided to draw whilst waiting for the rain to stop (didn’t happen really).

Then we found Gartic’s sister app, Gartic Phone and made some animated gifs.
Here are some of the good ones handpicked by me.

Lastly, we tried to do still life drawings using Sketchfab since I got tired of staring at the flat screen every day and night.

This is the model we picked that day: https://sketchfab.com/3d-models/still-life-47b260b3f9e14471b555ee6632faa7a8

And here are the results:

It was an interesting experience because it also gave us the chance to examine the model in detail.

That’s it! Thanks for scrolling & reading. The rest is some of the doodles, sketches, and game results we had:

we came back to draw chat at least once and enjoyed the symmetry tool and rainbows.
iirc those bunnies were all drawn by different people
kudos to jay really
we tried caricature/cartoon faces
we couldn’t believe our eyes because the compositions were perfectly the same
2021 was the year of worms and clowns
how did this happen?
we talked about local sports that are unknown/unpopular outside the regions that day. it must’ve been the olympics that made us do that.
we drew hannah
this one just happened naturally
a new webinar poster



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