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#Scrambleshake18.1 (presented by Preeps! @Preepswerp) Mega Belated Report! 🍳

WE DID IT AGAIN. (We did what? Well, it’s an eggs n chill unconference event called Scrambleshake. I’m going to show you what it is in pictures, text, and videos. Also, technically speaking, we don’t really know what it is, So, don’t worry. We are with you.) But anyway, we did it, the 4th Scrambleshake since the beginning of our historical event in Antwerp that casually started in Pepijn’s family kitchen; it was our second time in Berlin at A Maze( And, this time, we were on the official schedule! We were lucky enough to have a big tent thanks to Lorenzo & Thorsten’s support.

I mostly lacked the sense of responsibility (I just realised this yesterday all of a sudden whilst taking a long walk; like, ‘oi egg, I was pretty irresponsible back then’) but we did some preparations. Well, look at our shiny almost 1 year old official website built by Pepijin(@PepijnWillekens):

You can post something like this on the website. And you can even comment on them!!!!!!1!!1!!111!1111

It’s something, right? Oh and we also made a Facebook photoframe so that you won’t need to smash your face into scrambled eggs (unless you wanna). It was a bit of a mess but it was BEAUTEGGFUL. So, let me show you some more stuff about it. Talks were filmed. So, I embedded those videos in this story and you can witness them with your own eyes and ears and whatever you got to sense things. Just go ahead, scroll down and feel the s c r a m b l e.

The fantastegg Jessica ( ; @some_donkus) shared photos she took during the event with us. So, let’s start this second paragraph with her photos to respond to your poidoh and maybe to give you some fomo (or counter fomo):

Oh yes of course we had eggs cooked by Ivan (@Nothke) and our saltpinching meister Gianluca (@giucapan). In fact, we had too many eggs that we couldn’t finish before leaving Berlin. It was a little bit unfortunate that the egg station was isolated from the rest of the event and I didn’t get to see them cooking as I was at the stage throughout scrambleshake. Ivan and I feasted on scramble eggs like twice after A Maze, though and we did it well, though.
oh yeah, we had to see Ivan, Gianluca, and the eggs outside tent using spycam (I guess)
Really cool talk by Thoman Meynen
Pepijn and I were on/near stage. It must’ve looked rather odd.
Paint Charade by Jay Tholen (@jaytholen). As you can see, he was showing us MSpaint (I guess).
so much red hearts
Natalie (@ScarletCatalie) painted things (you can watch it in the video embedded in this story!)
Billy Ocean LARP gang led by Xalavier Nelson (@WritNelson)

We had tweets and other posts with official hashtags #Scrambleshake18 and #Scrambleshake too! Let me share them with you because crowd generated contents are wondeggful.

Yegggggg! We really did have unconference stuff this year.
Thanks A Maze. tweeter aka Ana (@ana_droid) ❤
I couldn’t read the award names I made and it was fun.
That’s lovely.
Oh yes, Too Many Devs. Can’t wait to see how Thorsten(@ST0RN0)’s entrance turned out.
The megglloweggst talk ever. It makes me glad that we managed to have an unconference.
Ivan & Pepijn did a improvised presentation at HyperTalks using a freshly made slides.mp4 that they had never seen before. I barely got to see them in a video my friend captured and don’t really know what they were saying but I suppose it was rad.
You were totes bravegg, Malo.
So dreamy.
We were doing serious business stuff this year. Oh man, look, we looked serious af.

OK, I guess that’s enough for tweets. There will be some extra materials at the bottom of this story but first, enjoy the talks:

See? It was beauteggful. They rock. We were so blegged that we had those speakers. Ah I love unconferences.

Thanks again everyone who attended whatever you were doing at the event. Although I was probably making such an unbearable chaos in the tent, yous were fegging loveggly and it was so ameggzing to have yous at #Scrambleshake18.1! Let’s do it again maybe. But with a smaller setup with the eggs closer to the stage maybe. But I don’t know. Maybe talks are so eggsuberant and properly good because we were pretty serious this time. Well, we’ll see how it goes if do it another time though. I think we’ve learnt stuff. I mean, it’s gonna be the 5th scrambleshake next time. So, we’ll be lightly seasoned with Bertine’s illegal spice mix and it’ll be cool.


Welcome to the bonus section! In case you were wondering why it’s called bonus, the word derives from bonus tracks in music records that are published in Japan. They are not always necessarily good but they are extra something regardless of the quality. That’s what this is. Also, I’ve started writing this story in a gloomy Sunday afternoon but now everything is covered in the heavy golden autumn sunlight with the puffy artificially hot air. (I also changed the location from my room to outside and I’ve been moving around.) I don’t like this weather – it’s a tad too warm and boosts up my endless fatigue that makes me want to shove myself into a pile of blankets and never come out from it whilst loathing how I feel utterly unproductive and fear that I’d kick me into the bottomless depression valley. It might have been nice though if I were having some outdoor fun with friends, or, some friendly folks. Uh, oops.

Anyway! I did a little more pre-scrambleshake stuff before Scrambleshake18. I gave a talk at Talk & Play ( in December 2017 because I was almost so entirely totally absolutely probably kinda sure that I’d make it to A Maze. 2018 and we’d then have scrambleshake18. I wanted to promote it and also talk about our experiences from the previous 3 scrambleshakes.

I also conducted some research on scrambled eggs because I suddenly had the realisation that I didn’t know what the scrambled eggs actually are. And, yeah, hey, lo and behold man, I found more than one way to make scrambled eggs!

That concludes the end of this bonus section. Thanks for scrolling down to the bottom. I wish I could reward you with a post-scrambleshake18.1 award with the certificate jotted down on a yellow sticky note and do all the handshaking business with you. You got my virtual award. It’s useless but you can remember it whenever you have scrambled edibles. Maybe.

I’m going to take a shower now and be like, very clean and warm. Bye!




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